Can massage help relieve headaches?

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Headaches come in different forms so one treatment may not work on all types of headaches. For example a migraine, where the pain is often described as throbbing and usually begins on one side of the head/behind the eyes, is unrelated to muscles around the neck, shoulders and head. A massage would not be a direct solution, although it might help you relax slightly.

Types of Headache

Tension Headaches are the most common type of Headaches. Tension Headaches are described as a dull pain, tightness, or pressure around your forehead, or the back of your head and neck. They cause mild to moderate pain. These headaches normally last from 30 minutes to several hours. Severity can vary but these headaches rarely prevent day-to-day activities. The cause of tension headaches is ambiguous but stress, anxiety, and depression are usual triggers. Other potential triggers include loud noise, skipped meals, eye strain, lack of exercise, bad posture, sleep disruption, or dehydration.

Tensions headaches that are caused from muscles usually come from tension in the jaw, temples, neck or shoulders. When we are stressed or anxious, these muscles tend to tighten up and therefore can cause us headaches.

So can massage help relieve these tension headaches? Massage can ease the tension in the muscles of the neck and head. When we are constantly stressed, these muscles stay in a contracted state, leading to headaches. By encouraging relaxation of these muscles, we can ease the pain and radiating aches caused by the tension. Increased blood circulation to the area will also help us have a reduction in headaches.

If you have a cluster headache or migraine, these techniques might not work in reducing headaches. A more beneficial approach would be to have a relaxing massage. This is because when you have a cluster headache or migraine, more stimulating actions may increase the pain or cause irritation.

Overall, the neck and shoulders are formed of loads of muscles that attach to the head and forehead.  Due to uncomfortable working positions, poor posture and general high stress of the modern world, tension headaches are very common. If you experience them regularly try either try self massaging your head or book in for a massage on your neck and shoulders with one of our experts. BOOK NOW

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