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Sports massage therapy helping runners, sports people and office workers to be healthy and injury free. 10 years of experience in the fitness industry; specialist in S&C and Sports massage


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About me

Running and fitness is and has always been my life my whole life. From starting running as a junior in school to running at GB Olympic trials and around Europe.

My passion for running turned into my job once I started university at Loughborough in 2012. I started with a coaching career in schools, to PT and now S&C and sports massage therapy. I currently work with anybody from professional basketball players at Reading rockets, club runners at various running clubs and office workers with stiff necks/back.

All of the skills I’ve learnt down the years and my own personal injuries and pain help me have a understanding the pains and problems a persons body goes through.

Our Happy Clients!

“Sam was an excellent massage therapist. He was responsive to my needs . The location was clean and well equipped. He is knowledgeable about numerous sports and will adapt therapy to your needs. Highly recommended” 

Joel Organ

“After 1 one hour session with Sam he was able to (with a lot of pressure) release the knotted muscles leaving me with so much more movement! 

Not only was he able to address the problem but he was able to give me helpful advice and tips on what I can do in the gym and at home to prevent further injury’s. Highly recommend!!

Ashley Blackwood

“The focus was on my legs & glutes due to increase in running mileage over the last few weeks. He is very knowledgeable and has helped to relieve tension/stress in my muscles. Will be having more regular sports massages. Thanks!

Rosa Lenders

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