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1 minute read – The discomfort and pain you experience during a sports massage on the whole, means its working. While it may seem like your masseuse is trying to kill you (we aren’t I promise), it is an essential part of the process of removing knots, scar tissue and adhesions form the muscle. The aim here is not to purposely cause pain, any discomfort you feel will be helping your muscles. Generally the pain
2 minute read – People who like to run often don’t focus on strength training. In fact, many runners avoid strength training because they don’t want to bulk up, gain weight, and think they need to just focus on mileage, This is an unfortunate misperception, as strength training can actually improve running performance.  4-5 times your bodyweight can be going through your muscles and joints when you are running. Without sufficient strength in the muscles; injury and fatigue will happen a
2 minute read – Back pain is all too common with the modern world; hunching over phones, too much sitting and uncomfortable work spaces. But can sports massage help relive back pain, a recent study found sports massage more effective for reducing back pain than many traditional medication such as ibuprofen… 40% of subjects who had a weekly massage for 10 weeks reported a significant reduction in their pain, compared to just 4% of subjects receiving usual

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